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Offering an effective, evidence-based response to unlawful or problematic conduct stemming from unmanaged behavioral illness and chronic poverty, LEADD is rooted in dignity, harm-reduction, and collaborative stewardship. Data from November 2023 shows:

Criminal Justice Partner & Law Enforcement Referrals
Participants Enrolled in Case Management
Washtenaw County Sergeants and Deputies Trained

National Evaluations

Independent evaluations of the flagship LEAD site in Seattle show that LEAD reduced re-arrest, increased rates of permanent housing, and improved outcomes for participants and communities.
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Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative: A Preliminary Evaluation
Washtenaw LEADD is a pre-arrest diversion initiative that diverts participants who have behavioral health disorders (BHD) and who are suspected of being engaged in low-level criminal behavior away from the criminal justice system and towards community-based support and services.Stakeholders from the criminal legal system can refer individuals to LEADD who have a history of frequent contact with law enforcement due to behavioral health issues, substance use, or poverty. Most LEADD referrals (87%) have been social contact referrals.Individuals can also be referred to LEADD via pre-arrest diversion. A deputy can give individuals the option to be connected with a LEADD case manager in lieu of arrest, citation, or criminal charges for a suspected LEADD-eligible offense. Since becoming an option in June 2022, there have been 8 pre-arrest diversions.